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Spellchecker Compiling FAQ

Last update 2003-04-09

Do I have to compile all of Mozilla just to get a Spellchecker binary

I'm trying to check out a particular release (using the -r flag with cvs), but I get errors like "user 'guest' cannot access", and the checkout fails.

How do I apply the patch once I've copied the spellcheck directory into the Mozilla source?

I'm trying to compile the spellchecker with (some earlier release of mozilla), but the patch doesn't apply cleanly, or I get errors during compile

I'm trying to compile the spellchecker with the Mozilla 1.0.x source, but when I issue the patch command, I get a bunch of errors

How do I make an XPI from my binary?

How do I make an RPM for the spellchecker?

I compiled a binary for Linux, but when I install it, it doesn't work

(2003-04-09) NOTE: RedHat now seems to be compiling the RedHat 8.0 RPMs (and possibly the RedHat 7.x RPMs as well), with gcc-3.2 (which is the default gcc on Redhat 8.0). They will likely start creating RedHat 9 RPMs with whatever version of gcc comes with RedHat 9 as well.

In addition, the folks have talked of compiling the .tar.gz releases with gcc-2.95.3 instead of gcc-2.91.66, but they don't seem to have made that change yet.

So in short, these instructions may be outdated.

The spellchecker project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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