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  • IT'S FINALLY IN! Almost 3 years after Mozilla Bug 56301 was filed, the spellchecker code has finally landed in the Mozilla trunk. All future builds will have the spellchecker compiled in by default.
  • Do you need the Mozilla Spellchecker? The following is a list of Mozilla distributions that already contain the Spellchecker:
    • Mozilla 1.5: The spellchecker code has been checked into the 1.5beta branch of the main Mozilla distribution and is built by default. If you are using any Mozilla 1.5 after 2003-07-28, then you already have the spellchecker.
    • Mozilla Thunderbird has always included the spellchecker by default
    • Beonex: Starting with v0.8.1, Beonex Communicator comes with spellchecker installed. See the Beonex page for more information.
    • Mandrake Linux: Mandrake Linux 9.0 and later include the spellchecker for Mozilla. It can be installed with the command 'urpmi mozilla-spellchecker'.
  • Have you compiled Mozilla on a platform for which we do not yet offer binaries? Then why not help us out and compile the spellchecker too, and contribute an XPI! Check out the source, and turn to the mailing lists if you have questions. We'd sure appreciate it!

  • This is the Mozilla spellchecker project, which adds spell checking ability to the Mozilla Composer and the Mozilla Mail message composition window. It uses the MySpell spell checking engine (also used in

    It is living here as a refugee from Bug 56301.

    Head over to the Installation page.

What's New
ullet (2003-07-28) Spellchecker code checked into Mozilla trunk!
ullet (2003-05-12) New binaries for 1.4b
ullet (2003-05-10) RedHat 9 RPM for 1.2.1
ullet (2003-04-18) Solaris binary for 1.4a (Forte)
ullet (2003-04-15) FreeBSD5.0 binary for 1.3

The spellchecker project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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